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Who we are.

We are women in tech in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


We are passionate about providing an avenue for women in all sectors of technology to learn, collaborate, and encourage each other. Whether you are a seasoned tech professional, a new graduate, or attempting to transition into a technology field, we seek to help women succeed by providing access to and support from other professional women.


In line with our mission to foster an inclusive community, we welcome trans and gender-expansive members — regardless of their preferred pronouns — who feel most comfortable in a women’s technology group.

Rachel Ross

Co-Managing Director

Sarah Voget

Co-Managing Director

Adria Murphy

Web Developer

Alyvia Hildebrand

Director of Data & Research

Amanda Obringer

Membership Engagement Manager

Ann Griner

Curriculum & Speaker Manager

Cathy Roberts

Mentorship Manager

Karly Cano

Events Manager

Melissa Luckett

Graphic Designer